By signing these terms and conditions the User expressly and irrevocably declares that he has read, understood and agrees with all the terms and conditions contained in this Term of Use, automatically and immediately binding the following rules:

1. Initial Considerations

  1. Carefully read the terms and conditions below so that you can enjoy the services of ESTIMATIVA CLÁSSICA, LDA.
    2. ESTIMATIVA CLÁSSICA, LDA., Registered with NIPC 514 848 936, is the owner and / or license to use, explore and / or advertise all rental, purchase and sale of boats and within the coastal shipping area between national ports and / or between European ports.
    3. THE ESTIMATIVA CLÁSSICA, LDA. is the owner of a website with the URL charmboat.com , which besides an informative portal and advertising space on maritime-tourist activities, the User can, among other tools offered, schedule electronically for various services and also perform the payments for the scheduled services, always observing the availability of the Contractors and the rules contained in this Term of Use.
    4. This Term of Use establishes the main terms, conditions and rules regarding the use of the services of ESTIMATIVA CLÁSSICA, LDA., By the Users. It is also intended to establish the responsibilities, duties and obligations that all users assume when contracting the services of ESTIMATIVA CLÁSSICA, LDA.
    5. The User may only use and enjoy the information and services provided by ESTIMATIVA CLÁSSICA, LDA., if he expressly agrees with all terms and conditions contained herein.


  1. Acceptance and Updates of the Term of Use
  2. CLASSIC ESTIMATE, LDA., Offers users a set of online resources for the use of virtual book platform, governed by the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy available on the site, which are incorporated herein by reference, with binding automatic use of the tools offered.
  3. By accepting this Term of Use, the User declares and warrants that:

(I) is natural or legal person civilly capable and qualified, or, if lower, duly accompanied by responsible, able to contract and be bound in accordance with the provisions of these Terms of Service;

(ii) understand and accept the services provided by ESTIMATIVA CLÁSSICA, LDA.

  1. If you have any objection in respect of any provision of these Terms of Use, the User must refrain from the sign or, in the case of disagreement as to a change of the back Terms of Service to its acceptance, the User must abstain you are contracting the services of ESTIMATIVA CLÁSSICA, LDA.
  2. These Terms of Use may, at the sole discretion of the ESTIMATIVA CLÁSSICA, LDA., Be changed at any time regardless of the User sending communication. The current and most current version of these Terms of Use will always be available at www.charmboat.com/terms-and-conditions. The continued use by the user, the site charmboat.com and / or any of its functionality after the change of the Terms of Use matter and will be considered, for all purposes, full consent to the respective change and consolidated version of the Terms of Use. Given the wide availability of the content of the Terms of Use and any amendments thereto, may not be the user-excuse to comply with the Terms of Use under the ignorance argument or ignorance of its provisions.
  3. Some services and contents available on the website of ESTIMATIVA CLÁSSICA, LDA. are or may be subject to specific terms of use, licenses, assignments and regulations, at the sole discretion of ESTIMATIVA CLÁSSICA, LDA. In the event of conflict between such instruments and these Terms of Use, the specific terms and conditions shall prevail.


  1. User Registration and Site Usage
  2. In addition to the informative and publicity functions related or specialized in maritime-tourist activity, ESTIMATIVA CLÁSSICA, LDA., Offers without any bond of mandate or dependency, acts as intermediary in the contracting, by Users, of the Services offered by the Service Providers, providing on-line payment and scheduling mechanisms.
  3. In online commerce, ESTIMATIVA CLÁSSICA, LDA. makes available the following mechanisms, among others to be included from time to time included in these Terms of Use and their specific updates and / or terms of use:

(i) disclosure on the site of the ESTIMATIVA CLÁSSICA, LDA., offer to the User regarding the Service;

(ii) scheduling of the Services, with definition of the day, time and place; and

(iii) online advance payment related to the Service to be provided to the User, according to the values ​​in force for each type of Service

  1. THE ESTIMATIVA CLÁSSICA, LDA. makes it possible for the User to register for free to access certain resources and information available on the site, in particular the possibility to schedule Services and make the respective payments through the website. Accordingly, the correct registration is extremely important, and the User is solely responsible, civilly and / or criminally, as applicable, for any information and data provided in a fraudulent way or that may in any way prejudice third parties, and the ESTIMATIVA CLÁSSICA, LDA.
  2. The CLASSICAL ESTIMATES reserves the right to at any time and without prior notice or compensation of any kind, approve, refuse, suspend or, in the event of use by the User of the features unlawfully or in breach of the provisions contained therein Terms of Use, cancel the registration and access of said User, as well as take the necessary judicial and extrajudicial measures.
  3. By adhering to these Terms of Use, the User undertakes to:
  4. Provide complete and updated information and data, being solely responsible for the veracity and authenticity of the information;
  5. Observe and comply with all the rules of these Terms of Use and applicable law, including local,

iii. Appear promptly in the days, times and places for the provision of the Services scheduled with ESTIMATIVA CLÁSSICA, LDA., And observe all instructions that are presented to you at the time of the appointment or in the confirmation email;

  1. Use and enjoy the content and materials made available on the website exclusively for personal purposes, being prohibited by any means or title, copy, license, explore, distribute, publish, sell and / or transfer for commercial purposes any information or content of the site;


  1. From Schedules, Payments, Changes and Cancellations
  2. After registering on the site, the User may schedule the provision of the Services desired, observing the availability of dates, times and locations. Then, after completing any additional information that may be requested, the User must make payment for the Scheduled Service through one of the options available on the site. Scheduling will only be completed upon confirmation of successful payment, at which time User will receive an email with confirmation and instructions.

4.1.1. If the User, for any reason, does not receive information on the acceptance or refusal of the payment, or, in case of confirmation of payment, does not receive the confirmation email, the User should contact the ESTIMATIVA CLÁSSICA, LDA. immediately, send email to the following address xxxxxxxxxxxx to check the status of your request and request the settlement, as applicable.

  1. The Services scheduled by Users shall be provided solely in accordance with the information provided in the scheduling and may not, in any way, be transferred and / or assigned to third parties.
  2. After the conclusion of the scheduling of Services, if the ESTIMATIVA CLÁSSICA, LDA. and the User subsequently agree to provide additional services (i.e. in addition to those contemplated in the respective schedule and already paid), an invoice will be issued for additional payment of the additional service provided, based on the current price list.
  3. Any Service already scheduled can only be canceled by the User up to 4 (four) days from the respective schedule. If User has terminated the Service within 48 (forty eight) hours prior to the Scheduled Service, there will be no refund of amounts to the User. In the event that the User, subject to the above conditions, cancel one or more Scheduled Services that are an integral part of a promotional package, the refund will be made in proportion to the number of canceled schedules and, if applicable, in order to de-characterize the promotion . For the avoidance of doubt, if the package provided, for example, at least three services for the User to obtain a unit promotional price and the cancellation result in a balance of only two valid Scheduled Services, the applicable unit value shall be the regular (non-promotional) value, residual value to be reimbursed.
  4. If ESTIMATIVA CLÁSSICA, LDA. Requests a change in the time, date or location of the Scheduled Service, and the User, for any reason, does not wish to make the requested change, the respective Service will be canceled at no cost to the User, who will receive in full all the value he has already paid in this regard.
  5. In case the User, for any reason, fails to attend the Scheduled Service, no refund will be owed by ESTIMATIVA CLÁSSICA, LDA.


Governing Law and Jurisdiction