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Lisbon Boat Sunrise | 2 hours 600€

Lisbon Boat Sunrise Experience

Lisbon Boat Sunrise
Maximum capacity:
 8 people
Time: 06:30
What to expect: Dedicated service / Welcome drinks / Worry-free experience

Lisbon Boat Sunrise, start your day with those first rays of light for an energy boost. Feel the Lisbon light on your skin and find out what makes everyone come back. Sunny or rainy, there is something to experience in this magical place. Maybe it’s the Lisbon light that people talk so much about. Don’t believe us? Come feel it! Take a morning swim, choose your ideal spot on the river, on the estuary, by the seaside or just let the captain take you on a journey .
Speak to us if you want to add a personalized breakfast, water skiing/wakeboarding, massage, and/or transfer service.

From: 600.00

Max capacity: 8 people
Time: 06:30
Dedicated services & Extras

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