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Cascais Boat Tour | 3 hours 600€

Cascais Boat Tour Experience | 3 hrs

Cascais Boat Tour
Maximum capacity:
8 people
Time: 09:00 or 14:00
What to expect: Dedicated service / Welcome drinks / Worry-free experience

Cascais Boat Tour | Enjoy a trip around Cascais, and pick a place to enjoy the beautiful waters with a swim and a drink. This is the home we chose for our Charm Boat, due to it’s scenic surrounding, and favourable conditions most of the year. Discover palaces, state of the art architecture, and even untouched nature along the beautiful ‘Costa do Sol’ (Sunshine coast)

From: 600.00

Max capacity: 8 people
Time: 09:00 or 14:00
Dedicated services & Extras

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