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Troia & Comporta


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– Lisbon –
Take a trip through the centuries and discover how much Lisbon has to offer by the river and the sea. Viewing Lisbon from a boat is a clear way to understand how the centuries had an effect on this beautiful coastal town full of stories, bizarre and unique architectural landmarks. All this made more complete by the characteristic smell and light of this town.

– Cascais –
What used to be a fisherman village, grew into a picturesque town full of colonial and post-colonial architecture, seaside walkways, gardens and great restaurants to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. Due to it’s privileged coastline and weather, it has become one of the favourite destinations for relaxing, both by tourists and portuguese alike.

– Troia / Sesimbra – COMING SOON

On one side of the river Sado there is the beautiful Troia peninsula, known for it’s kilometric beaches and a dolphin favourite hang-out spot. On the other side, in Sesimbra, there are award winning beaches, with breathtaking colours, protected by the natural park. It is home to some of the best fish eating restaurants in the country.

– Ericeira – COMING SOON

What used to be a calm fisherman town, turned into a big supplier of seaside activities. Surfing has taken center stage here, and consequently made Ericeira into a place of cultural diversity but with it’s traditions still very alive.
This is also a food destination, with a variety of offers, where fish is obviously the main ingredient, prepared in hundreds of different  ways.